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For years, Kevin Dougherty has been helping people find the right Medicare Supplement and Prescription Drug Plan coverage. Whether you’re new to Medicare or simply shopping for lower rates, Kevin will provide you with the information and quotes you need. Service is free and it doesn’t stop once you purchase a Plan. You’ll get our expert advice, informative Newsletters and annual Prescription Drug Plan reviews. If you’re ready to discuss your options, contact KMD Insurance today.

Medicare Supplement Plans
Medicare Advantage Plans
Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans

Medicare doesn't cover all hospital (Part A) and medical (Part B) costs.  A Medicare Supplement Plan will cover some or all of the costs for you depending on the Plan you choose.  With a Medicare Supplement Plan, you'll enjoy the freedom to visit any doctor that accepts Medicare anywhere in the United States and territories.  Medicare Supplement Plans are standardized; however, the premiums vary greatly.  Allow us to impartially shop insurance companies to help you determine which Plan and insurance company is right for you -- at no cost! Contact KMD Insurance today!

Medicare Advantage Plans are an alternative to original Medicare (Part A and Part B).  Medicare Advantage Plans are administered by private insurance companies and may include your Part D prescription drug coverage and extra benefits such as: dental, vision or hearing services.  The insurance company sets copayment rates for services and rules about how you access your care such as requiring you to visit network doctors and hospitals.  The costs and restrictions vary from Plan to Plan.  Find out if a Medicare Advantage Plan is right for you by contacting KMD Insurance today!                   

Part D provides prescription drug coverage to Medicare beneficiaries. Part D plans are administered by private insurance companies and coverage may be obtained in two ways.  If you have original Medicare, you may enroll in a separate Prescription Drug Plan.  If you enroll with a Medicare Advantage Plan, the coverage may be included as an "all in one" Plan.  Part D Plans are not standardized.  Plans have different premiums, different covered medications, different copayments for covered drugs.  Which Plan will fit your needs based on your medications?  We can help.  Learn your options by contacting KMD Insurance today!